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Class Size

There are no more than 16 children in each three-day class and no more than 14 children in each two-day class.


We are a State-Licensed facility; our teachers are experienced, creative and enthusiastic.  A teacher assistant and a helping parent aid our teachers every school day.

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2-day A.M.    Thursday, Friday                        9:00am - 11:30am

2-day P.M.     Thursday, Friday                        11:30am - 2:15pm


3-day A.M.     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday    9:00am - 11:30am

3-day P.M.     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday    12:00pm - 2:15pm


3-day All Day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday    9:00am - 2:15pm

(Open to 4 & 5 years olds only)

5-day P.M.      Monday - Friday                       11:30am - 2:15pm

5-day All Day  Monday - Friday                       9:00am - 2:15pm

(Pre-K - for those heading to Kindergarten the following year)


2-day A.M.    $130 per month

2-day P.M.     $120 per month


3-day A.M.    $170 per month

3-day P.M.     $160 per month

3-day All Day $360 per month

5-day P.M.     $280 per month

5-day All Day  $600 per month

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