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The Three Rivers Co-operative Preschool, Inc. was founded in 1969 as a non-profit organization with a very simple philosophy:  children, parents, and teachers attend school together, all learning from each other.

5 Principles that help shape our school:

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Individual Acceptance

Each child is accepted as an individual, and is helped to develop his/her full capacities at his/her own rate of progress.  Positive self-images are tenderly nurtured.

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A Child Sized World

Children need to find themselves in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where they can explore, share, play, and communicate with other children their own age.

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Freedom Within Limits

Children need to understand and accept limits.  They need order to their day and freedom in their play.  Teachers maintain a safe, healthy, carefully supervised environment.

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Meaningful Cirriculum

Our classroom activities challenge children to move forward at their own rate of success.  Our integrated curriculum fosters learning and development through guided learning, experimentation, and cooperative play.

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Parent Participation

Parents come to the school regularly to work and observe.  Through close association with a professionally trained teacher, the parents acquire specialized skills and a greater understanding.  They learn about other children; they see their own child from a different perspective.  A shared commitment between the child, parent, and teacher facilitates the child's adjustment to later school experiences

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