Financial/Time Commitments

  • Tuition is due by the 10th of each month and can simply be placed in a (locked) mailbox in the classroom. 

  • Each month a few families in each class will be asked to bring in specific supplies that the preschool will need throughout the year. 

  • In addition to "Parent Helper" days, parents take on a volunteer job.  At the beginning of the school year, parents will receive a form to choose from a listing of jobs that can either be accomplished during class, may be accomplished at home, or those that allow you to bring your children.  

  • Families are asked to participate in a few fundraisers throughout the year. 

Parent Helper

Being a part of a Co-Op offers parents a unique opportunity to play a special role in their child's learning experience. 

Approximately 5-6 times a year, parents serve as a "Parent Helper."  On that day a parent (or a grandparent) joins their child at school; assists with the days activities, brings a snack and drink for the class and does some light cleaning at the end of class.

"I really enjoy being Parent Helper, it is so sweet to see my daughter learning and playing with friends and to see first hand the bond she has made with her teachers."  - Jenny D., Parent

There are also several opportunities for parents and other family members to participate in school events such as holiday celebrations/activities, field trips and the end of the year picnic.

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